The Blockchain Technology and How it Makes GBC a Reliable Platform

If you have been investing or planning on investing in cryptocurrencies, you might have had several questions in your mind. For example, who decides the price of a cryptocurrency? How does the price increase dramatically and then decrease eventually? This article will explain all the realities and facts related to cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain technology and the latest Gold Bits Coin that is going to change your life.

Is cryptocurrency the Future?

This notion has been on the market for years now, people believe that cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world and it is the future. I can’t agree more with the notion but I have something to add to it. It is actually the Blockchain technology that is the future, and the cryptocurrencies are built using this technology. There are several other areas of our lives that are going to be shifted to the Blockchain in the future, for example, the banking systems, the security systems, and the economic models. All of these combine to bring the revolution that we have been talking about for quite some time now.

What is Blockchain and what it has to do with the Cryptocurrencies?

Many of you might already be aware of our banking systems, where everything is controlled by a central bank and all the transactions are monitored on different channels. The economy is kept in check using these central banks and regulatory authorities. Governments decide the value of a non-digital currency and how the money should be distributed. Blockchain, on the other end, is altogether a different thing. It eliminates the concept of a central regulatory authority or the power of any government over the prices of any new currencies. It enables the new modal where all the power of deciding the fate of a currency actually lie in the hands of those who own a certain amount of these currencies. All the transactions are unanimous and you do not have to go to any bank to send or receive your cryptocurrencies.

This is one way to understand blockchain, it creates a modal where people are fully under control. The governments have nothing to do with the prices. You don’t have to be a huge company or a high net value individual to be a part of this league, you can invest as much as you have and get the benefits accordingly.

What is GBC and how is it the best crypto coin currently available in the market?

The gold bits coin is the latest cryptocurrency that is Secure Gold backed Cryptocurrency that is used for online shopping of goods and services. It answers all your questions as to how a digital currency is worth billions of dollars when there is no real gold or business backing it. The gold-backed cryptocurrency promises a very reliable future as it is strongly backed to avoid the fate of the famous BITCOIN. We saw how bitcoin reached a record high price of $19,000 and then dropped to a record low of $6500 within a few months. This change in the price caused millions of people to ask a lot of questions and to avoid investing in the cryptocurrencies without authentic knowledge of its origin.

GBC is the answer to all of these questions. There is a net amount of Gold backing the total number of Gold Bits Coins created initially. Which guarantees that the price of the coins is not going to decrease from a certain level. It will keep increasing with time as the scarcity increases and the GOLD backing these new coins remain intact.

How Gold Bits Coin works and what it promises?

Gold Bits Coin is a beautiful blend of your conventional Gold and the new cryptocurrencies. It promises to keep its basic value no matter what. Unlike hundreds of other coins that depend on the price of Bitcoin and they fluctuate as the Bitcoin fluctuates. GBC is the revolution that is going to beat every other crypto coin in the market.

Let’s give you an example so that you understand how it works and what makes it the best cryptocurrency in the market. You buy one hundred GBC at a cost of, let’s say, $10 and these coins are backed by a base Gold of 15% of your investment. Now you know that the scarcity of this coin is going to increase with time as more people buy it. Which will cause a price hike and your total investment will multiply several times within the next six months. The amount of Gold that backed the currency would now be $10 and the coin value after six months will multiply several times, giving you the profit on your initial investment. I would say the price of your $10 GBC will be $80 to $120 in the next six months.


Why is GBC a reliable platform?

We have involved the real Gold in GBC which means there are now two strong facts to make GBC a reliable platform. The first one is the Gold backing and the second one is the Blockchain banking modal. Which will keep the GBC a cryptocurrency and it will have all the features of the new banking modal. Your transactions will be unanimous and nobody will have any regulatory power over the GBC prices.

It has been a long time since we saw a revolutionary cryptocurrency or a product that will actually be stable and reliable. GoldBitsCoin has done a fantastic job in giving this idea the shape that is going to affect the lives of millions of people around the world. If you are a crypto lover or someone who would like to invest in the future, I say GBC should be your first choice. It is the only crypto coin in the market that guarantees the safety of your base amounts and solid price hikes in the near future. If I were you, I would go to right now and sign up while the prices are still within my reach.



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