How GBC Revolutionize Adoption of Cryptocurrency

There is in fact something to cherish when we have the market capital of hundreds of billions of dollars of the currently available cryptocurrencies. The revolution is here and we have all seen how technology can change the world. However, we believe that millions of people are still not interested in investing in the new […]

How Cryptocurrency Cloud Lead Economics

To start with Crypto currencies back in the history, the very first crypto currency transaction can be traced back to 1998. However, it was not until 2008, a decade later that the actual trading and value of crypto currency took off. The coding and the mining process is what brings value to the crypto currencies […]

How gold backed currency helps you get more Return of Investment (ROI)

The main reason for the rollercoaster of the price that the cryptocurrencies of our era are going through is the fact that there is no reliability offered. Fiat currency is known to have actual economic commodities backing it which affords a certain level of trust in it. Normal cryptocurrencies, however, offer no such confidence if […]

BlockChain Explained and How It Makes GBC a Reliable Platform.

Cryptocurrencies have been trending in the last decade finding a second wind and blooming in the years of 2016-17.  However, in the last few months, the value of cryptocurrencies has been going through a set of changes. The unpredictability combined with the simple fact that these currencies are essentially handed from one person to other […]

Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies Will Redefine A Volatile Investment

Cryptocurrency has the potential to be an adept financial tool. But for investors, a volatile market equals a huge investment risk. Gold-backed cryptocurrencies not only reduce the risk of losing your investment, but diversifies your investment portfolio so you can plan for the future with confidence. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the last few years, […]

5 Benefits Of Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

What are cryptocurrencies backed by? This is one of the contentious issues surrounding digital currency. Whereas traditional fiat currencies are thought to be backed by the commodities in the economy, cryptocurrency does not have a guarantee should the market fail. Before we delve into the core topic of this article, let’s first take a look […]