The Blockchain Technology and How it Makes GBC a Reliable Platform

If you have been investing or planning on investing in cryptocurrencies, you might have had several questions in your mind. For example, who decides the price of a cryptocurrency? How does the price increase dramatically and then decrease eventually? This article will explain all the realities and facts related to cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain technology and […]

How GBC Revolutionize Adoption of Cryptocurrency

There is in fact something to cherish when we have the market capital of hundreds of billions of dollars of the currently available cryptocurrencies. The revolution is here and we have all seen how technology can change the world. However, we believe that millions of people are still not interested in investing in the new […]

Gold Bits Coin Vs The Other Crypto Coins in The Market

There are currently about 1500 plus cryptocurrencies in the market. The reason that people have only heard of a few is that most of these cryptocurrencies have a very low market capital and coin price right now. The biggest share of them all is occupied by the famous Bitcoin which currently has a market cap […]

How gold backed currency helps you get more Return of Investment (ROI)

The main reason for the rollercoaster of the price that the cryptocurrencies of our era are going through is the fact that there is no reliability offered. Fiat currency is known to have actual economic commodities backing it which affords a certain level of trust in it. Normal cryptocurrencies, however, offer no such confidence if […]

Creating the Perfect Cryptocurrency | Ingredients That Go into Making an Ideal Crypto

With Bitcoin soaring high into the financial sky limits and other cryptos following the suit, it seems that mankind has finally found their relief in the form of digital currencies, enabling people to free themselves from the tyranny of fiat currencies. The financial crises and the unpredictable and uncertain nature of fiat currencies is what […]