Creating the Perfect Cryptocurrency | Ingredients That Go into Making an Ideal Crypto

With Bitcoin soaring high into the financial sky limits and other cryptos following the suit, it seems that mankind has finally found their relief in the form of digital currencies, enabling people to free themselves from the tyranny of fiat currencies. The financial crises and the unpredictable and uncertain nature of fiat currencies is what […]

A gold backed crypto will define the financially adept crypto currency.

Here are some whys and wherefores for you to choose Gold backed crypto over your or any other crypto currencies in the world: GoldbitsCoin Crypto currencies have taken the world by storm. Especially Bitcoin, which saw a rapid increase in its valuation since the last few months and has got hooked several major industrial players as […]

5 Benefits of a gold backed cryptocurrency where ordinary cryptocurrencies pale in comparison.

What are cryptocurrencies backed by? Before we delve into the core of our topic, let us take a look at this. Cryptocurrencies are based on Blockchain science where they are ‘mined’ by cryptocurrency miners who solve mathematical problems based on algorithms. This problem solving takes a considerable amount of time, electricity, hardware power and other […]

We want to you to know, cryptocurrencies are awesome, but gold backed cryptocurrencies will save the day

Economic volatility has always been the gripe of many business owners and investors where a slight dip in the value of the dollar or an event could lead to an absolute change the trading prices. That being said, the effect of regulations, government control and manipulations has been another cause of concern among many for […]